Kite Surfing

Kalpitiya, with its excellent windy season that reaches an average of 20-25 knots, and a peak of 30, and many flat water spots with its rolling sandy stretches, qualifies as an ideal wind surfing spot that can serve water sports lovers of all stages.

There are shallow and flat water lagoons for the first timers to try the sport out and beaches with some fun and strong tides for serious surfers.

Kalpitiya is a magnate for wind surfers around the world and at Hiru Resort, you get to access the best training experts as we are partnered with the most experienced wind surfing training team in the entire area! We have crafted custom surfing lesson packages to suit wind surfer enthusiasts of all stages and we offer the most competitive rates for our lessons to make sure everyone gets a taste of this sizzling experience. The peak season for kite surfing is usually from May to September, however the surfers can also enjoy a mid-season and sufficient winds during December to march as well.

Lesson Packages

We offer lessons for all experience levels and ensure you learn everything you need to know to practice kite surfing safely and confidently. Our experience allows us to cater to your specific needs, and each lesson is adjusted based on your learning curve to optimize your progress and ensure that you have a great time. We believe in catering our packages and lessons to fit your individual needs and skill level. These packages provide an idea of what to expect when learning to kite.

Kite surfing lessons Group Private
1 hour Lesson 30 EUR 45 EUR
3 hour Lesson 90 EUR 135 EUR
5 hour Lesson 150 EUR 225 EUR
7 hour Lesson 195 EUR 295 EUR
9 hour Lesson 240 EUR 375 EUR
Equipment Rental ½ Day 1 Day 1 Week 2 Week
Full Equipment (includes assistant) 45 EUR 65 EUR 290 EUR 510 EUR
Kite and Bar 30 EUR 30 EUR 30 EUR 30 EUR
Board 15 EUR 25 EUR 90 EUR 130 EUR
Harness - 15 EUR 50 EUR 85 EUR
Boots - 7 EUR 20 EUR 30 EUR
Supervision for Renting ½ Day 1 Day 1 Week 2 Week
Supervision 10 EUR 15 EUR 50 EUR 85 EUR

All Lessons and renting includes:

  • Premium Kite Gear( Liquid Force and Mystic Equipment)
  • Safety Equipment (shoes)
  • Beach Boy assistance
  • Rescue on the lagoon
  • Transfer to the Lagoon ( Free of charge for partner too)
  • Gear Insurance
  • IKO Certificate card
  • Drinking water
  • Beach Hut Usage

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